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DAX FinTech Consulting is a UK based Chartered Accountants Firm providing accounting services to UK and global clients. Since its inception it has quickly grown into UK, Europe and Middle East as one of the fastest-growing accounting outsourcing company with an intelligent team member including multiple accountants.
DAX FinTech consulting provides professional services for audit, tax, accounting, and financial consulting services to the various business sectors.

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Our core purpose is to provide you the bespoke value-added services. This will increase efficiency and effectiveness in operations and workflows in your business, which will lead to the overall business growth and profitability.
Our overall mission is to excel within finance and business (Manufacturing, Trading and Services) industry with the integration of Information Technology in particular within the space of Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Our vision is to create the world a better working place with sustainable economic growth. We work with our stakeholders to solve their most pressing challenges with utmost impeccable professionalism.

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