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Limited liabilities companies where the owners are not personally liable for the business liabilities. Some of the companies are limited by shares and limited by guarantee registered. Limited companies are owned by the shareholders which are liable only up to the invested amount of capital. 
There are different regulations for bookkeeping for limited companies and on tax side they must file the corporation tax.


•    Limited or Inconsistent Cash Flow.
•    Not Using a Budget.
•    No Preparation for Unforeseen Expenses.
•    Not Raising Enough Capital.
•    Too Much Debt.
•    Neglecting Necessary Reporting.
•    Poor Tax Compliance.
•    Not Paying Bills on Time.
•    Mixing Business and Personal Finances
•    Poor Financial Management Tactics
•    No compliance with laws and updating laws amendments
•    Lacking in Automation
•    Weak Report structure

Why DAX?

We sure that in doing accounting and tax returns fillings HMRC regulations in compliance and we are following the laws to prevent our clients from any penalty and problems from the govt authorities’ side
We take the charge for doing the accounting and tax matters to file for the limited liability companies so the management can focus on the business development side. We have a professional team of certified accountants who will provide the best services at your call. We have a high level of quality control on the work delivery level.
We deal the Accounting, Finance and tax matters for limited by shares, limited by guarantee, limited companies. Our skilled tax and finance professionals work diligently to make your life simpler by reducing financial stress and making business models more lucrative and efficient in accordance with up-to-date regulations.

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