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Accounting services includes the recording of business transaction into the financial software and make them record tracking as readily available on requirements. All accounting transactions and its reconciliations is the core to make the investors enabling to take right decisions for their business in the future through the reporting which we will provide.
Accounting services will include the Bookkeeping, Tax advice and returns fillings, Company formation


•    Cash flow
•    Financial Reporting
•    Hiring and retaining talent
•    Automation and Artificial Intelligence
•    Upskilling
•    Tax laws compliances and changes in laws
•    Regulatory Changes & New Accounting Standards
•    Expense Management
•    Payroll Management
•    Cybersecurity
•    Accurate Financial Forecasts
•    Keeping Up with New Technology and Tools
•    Innovation
•    Globalization
•    Economic instability

Why DAX?

Our Accounting team is based on energetic certified Professionals Accountant who can perform the accounting services in the best way to optimise the Shareholders interest through their efficiency and effectiveness on execution level.
Our expertise in handling the difficult accounting process and business transactions with on time and right solution as recommended by IFRS and GAAPS. Our core area is to have coverage of IFRS and GAAPS in our working and dealing with accounting transactions.
We also cover the different reporting set define as follows:
•    Budgeting’s
•    Cashflows Management
•    Financial statements preparations (Profit and loss, balance sheet, equity statement)
•    Covering notes to accounts with social footprints
•    Correctness for the numbers on trial balance through Quality control reviews.
•    Live Automation in the reports (Dashboard for standard reports)
•    Robotic Accounting

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