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The partnership is an agreement for business in between two or more members, in due course every partner want to know what he gets profit into business and what he gets or he loss or it’s share and wealth status. Partners also need to file VAT for their business and submit their accounts to the companies house every year.


•    Company struggling
•    Different Management style
•    Personal Habits
•    Financial problems and inequity.
•    Setting boundaries.
•    Commitment levels
•    Disparities in skills and roles.

Why DAX?

For the partnership business every partner wants to protect his right in the business, and we are here to do that through the handing the accounting functions for partnership with the right ways and our objective so to protect the right of every partner and it’s right through proper accounting techniques use through our Certified Accountants teams.
We provide the following support in the partnership:
•    Partnership business Accounts maintaining.
•    Partners profitability and loss allocation.
•    Partnership business plans writings.
•    Complete bookkeeping, Tax fillings, HMRC compliance 
•    Handling the partnership Tax issuance and accounting issuances
•    Start-up supports in Accounts setup, VAT registrations,
•    Winning through the digital finance functions and automation on transactions and reporting level.
•    Live Automation in the reports and visualizations (Dashboard for standard reports)

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